Human: Fall Flat 2016

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Human: Fall Flat is a 3D puzzle game with open-ended physics.

No Brakes Games created a unique puzzle game with Human: Fall Flat. You take the role of Bob the builder as he encounters construction-oriented puzzles in his dreams. The game takes place in a 3D environment with various objects and machines for Bob to interact with. He can pick up objects, push and pull them around, climb onto ledges, and break things in his quest to solve each level.

Human: Fall Flat presents you with surreal environments that obey the laws of physics such as gravity and inertia. Most objects are movable if they aren't attached to a surface, many are destructible, and some turn out to be tools. Each level has a unique, surreal theme and multiple ways to solve its problem.

Most of the fun to be had in game like Human: Fall Flat is the humor and creativity that it brings to the table. Bob is customizable, meaning you can change his appearance to something that's fun for you. He moves through each level like a sleepwalker, making many situations seem more like a slapstick comedy than a cerebral puzzle. The game doesn't force you to figure out a single solution to each problem, either. You're given the materials, tools, and paths needed to solve a problem in multiple ways, which make it more replayable than many other puzzle games.

Multiplayer support was also added to Human: Fall Flat by No Brakes Games after its release, which lets up to eight players enjoy a puzzle as a group. You can create online lobbies and invite other players to join a shared game. It's more fun to experience the unique comedy games like this produce when you have other people to share it with.

Anyone looking for a creativity challenge with a sense of humor will enjoy Human: Fall Flat.


  • Multiple ways to solve each puzzle
  • Have fun while solving difficult problems
  • Multiplayer support


  • Once you've solve the problems, it's less interesting

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